Project Description

Africa Day Celebrations

MEMBERS of the African community from across South Wales come together on every second May Bank Holiday Monday to celebrate Africa Day. The day, which is celebrated across the world on May 25, focuses on celebrating African cultures and communities.

The whole idea is bringing people together and educating each other. Through our work, we find that some members of the BME community can become isolated, so events like these can help make the integration easier.

It’s one of the only Africa Day celebrations in Wales. We have people coming from Swansea, Cardiff and the Valleys.

What others have to say about the event…

“It is great that Robert is bringing together the community with events like this. A lot of the time the only news we hear from the continent is negative, and we won’t be getting to hear about the positive things. Events like this show that Africa is not one country, you get to see and experience all of the different cultures.”

Fadhili Maghiya, Hub Cymru Africa

“It is a wonderful way to bring together the community. The food is fantastic and the music is great. It’s a hugely popular and colourful event that keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

Jessica Morden, Newport East MP

“It’s great to see so many people here and the community coming together. I’m really proud of the community and the diversity we have here in Newport.”

Jayne Bryant, Assembly Member for Newport West

“It’s one of those occasions where it is an opportunity for cultures to meet. Because Africa is so multicultural, it is an opportunity for all to celebrate the continent and for people to get together.”

Peter Akinwunmi, Caerleon

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Our aim is to support healthy communities in Wales and Zimbabwe. We do this through establishing food banks, local environmental action and youth work provision in both Newport and Mufakose.

You can join our volunteer scheme which sees youth from Newport visit Mufakose and youth from Mufakose visit Newport on cultural exchange visits.